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DataPort FAQ


The following is a list of questions and answers. If you do not see an answer to your question please email support@webdock.net

What is WebDock DataPort?

Can I upgrade DataPort?

Can I continue to download and install new version of DataPort from the website?

What about the Widgets?

Is DataPort OPC Compliant?

Can I read data from my ControlLogix?

Can I read data from remote devices via RSLinx Gateway?

Why does install hang on Windows 2000 (you need service pack for Windows 2000)?

Do I really need an OPC server?

What is the DataConverter?

Where can I get the DataConverter?

Do I need IIS or any other web server to use the DataPort webserver?

What about security?


  • WebDock DataPort - is a data collection and troubleshooting tool program for PLC/SLC/ControlLogix controllers.


  • Yes.  If you purchase DataPort you can upgrade to a higher tag package by paying the difference in cost between the two packages.  You can do this only within the first year of purchase.


  • Yes.  You can upgrade any version that has the same major version number.  For example:  If you purchased version 11.0 of DataPort then you can upgrade with any version 11.x.x of DataPort that is released.  This is one calendar year ranging from January to January  You cannot upgrade a version 11.x.x to a version 2006.x.x without purchasing a new license. 


  • WebDock Widgets are free applications that utilize XML communications with DataPort.  You can download, install and run them on any computer.  The Widgets do not require DataPort to be present on the local machine.  The Widgets communicate over Ethernet to the DataPort server.  They will work on same computer that DataPort is installed on.


  • Yes. DataPort is fully OPC compliant and support all major OPC servers.  Such as Kepware, RSLinx, Automation Direct, Siemens, GE, etc.. 


  • YES. Any item that you can create an OPC topic for in, DataPort can read and log.


  • Yes WebDock DataPort requires an OPC server to communicate with PLC/SLC controllers.


  • DataConverter (Requires that DataPort already be installed.) is a bonus program located on the WebDock DataPort CD.  It is located in the /bonus  directory.  You can Download DataConverter here (zip) and the DataConverter Manual here.(pdf). DataConverter will convert the database to a .csv file for import into Access 95/97, Excel or any other package that can import data from comma delimited text files.


  • No. The DataPort web server is completely contained in DataPort.


  • DataPort uses Microsoft NT/2000/Xp type users and groups to control access to the web reports. 




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