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Finally there is a solution! Welcome to WebDock software. The place where industrial software meets usability. Meet DataPort...

Welcome to the DataPort 2010 virtual tour. Below you will find a graphical presentation of what makes DataPort the best and most feature packed data collection and troubleshooting software available. Anywhere!

Graphical Tour of DataPort
+ Configuring a Data Point
+ Real Time Data Viewer
+ Real Time Graph Viewer
+ View Main Web Interface
+ Viewing a Web Report from your web browser
+ Viewing a Web Graph from your web browser
+ Running SQL Queries over the web
+ Configuring DataPort over the web
+ Configure the DataPort database to log to
+ Viewing all your configured groups and data points

Call 1-865-809-6288 for more information.

At one-third the cost of competing products WebDock’s DataPort is feature packed and worth a look.

* a group is a logical collection of data points