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WebDock Software is the market leader in Data Collection and Trouble-Shooting software. DataPort delivers unmatched performance and features at a fraction of the cost. DataPort solutions enable companies to reliably collect, monitor and evaluate their production operations. WebDock's software and services solutions are in use at more than 1500 manufacturing companies today.

DataPort allows you to collect, store, export and graph all your production data.

Use DataPort's built in web server to distribute and view production data anywhere on your network. You can create custom reports and control who can access and view information.

DataPort will automatically send an email containing production information whenever you want. For example, every morning at 7:00AM send you last shifts productions stats or have DataPort send you an email whenever a PLC or other OPC device triggers an event.

Easy database support for Microsoft SQL and Access databases. DataPort automatically creates all database structures so you can start collecting data without knowing anything about databases. DataPort will also export your data from the database to Microsoft Excel on command or you can schedule exports whenever you want. You do not have to have Microsoft Access for DataPort to create and log to a Microsoft Access database.
Create recipes to download to your controller. Create a Microsoft Access database that contains batch or recipe information and have DataPort write it down to your controller on triggered event or using a time base.

Customer Satisfaction and Service is our top priority. WebDock is committed to providing you the customer with a superior product at a reasonable price. If you are not happy, send the product back.

Create user accounts to control what users can see and do in DataPort.

It takes less than 2 minutes to configure and start collecting data with DataPort.

XML server. Using DataPorts XML server you can build custom applications to use DataPort as the foundation for a plant wide data server.


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2018: WebDock celebrates 21 years of software and service to the manufacturing industry!

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